June 4, 2010

How this site was built

When I decided to build this site I wanted a technology that would meet the following requirements:
  • full customization of the layout (i.e. no restrictions on css, html, javascript);
  • web-based content management;
  • possibility to use a 2nd level web domain;
  • possibility to run some python code on the server;
  • free (i.e. no need to buy hosting services).
After evaluating several options, I settled for blogger and I started designing this site and customizing blogger templates.

This site is based on 3 blogs: one for the image gallery, one for the English blog and one for the Italian blog. I modified the templates in order to obtain a simple and minimal layout. Actually, I'm using blogger more like a CMS than a blog platform.

The image gallery is based on Galleriffic, a jQuery plug-in written by Trent Foley. I integrated it in the blogger template with just some slight changes. I'll make the code available as soon as I'll have some time to clean it up.

Photographs are hosted on flickr and this makes very easy the process of posting new images. The flickr TOS require that images link back to the original flickr page. Using  jQuery I moved that link to the small icon in the top right of the image. So, clicking on the image will advance to the next one, while clicking on the will open the flickr page in another window.

All images that are not part of the photo galleries (e.g. icons) are hosted by PicasaWeb.

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