June 18, 2010

why I'm using Picture Window Pro

A few years ago, while I was considering purchasing Photoshop, a look to the Norman Koren's  web site convinced me to try Picture Window Pro, a software at that time totally unknown to me.
After a quick test and a comparison with the most famous Photoshop, I decided it was worth to spend 90$ to buy it. From that time, Picture Window Pro is my photo editor.
PWP has everything I need: a large amount of transformations (geometry, tonal range, color, filters, etc.), masks , several sharpening algorithms, retouching, conversions, RAW support, color management, batch workflows, print proofing, and many other features.
It works on 16/48 bits, and this is fundamental for the quality of the final image. It's fast and easy to use. In many years I never had a crash or a problem reading a file (although I use it with very large TIFFs).
It does not provide any cataloging feature, so it should be used together with a good photo organizer (such as IDImager or Expression Media). But choosing a photo editor should primarily take into account the editing features.
Main defects: it only runs on Windows (no Mac or Linux versions are available) and there is no possibility to add plug-ins, like in Photoshop.
But Photoshop CS5 costs today more than 700 Euro, about ten times more than Picture Window Pro. I preferred to invest the difference in books.

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