August 9, 2010

Epson V700 banding issue and how to fix it

I occasionally got some nasty vertical streaks near the edge of the frame when I scanned medium format films on my Epson V700.
After some searching I found this topic in the forum, describing the problem. It seems to occur when the clear edge of the film is scanned. It looks more evident when the clear edge is adjacent to a dense area of the exposed frame, like the sky.
I just fixed the issue narrowing the film opening of the holder with some black tape, taking care that the sticky side of the tape does not come in contact with the film, as shown in the following picture.

PROCEDURE (updated on May 25th 2011)
  1. use black tape
  2. cut 2 narrow strips of tape
  3. gently remove the rectangular holder
  4. apply the tape to the holder so that the aperture of the holder is slightly reduced (the window shall slighly overlap the edge of the esposed frame)
  5. gently remount the holder

In the above picture, only the left slot has been narrowed with the tape (you should be able to notice the grey sticky side of the tape).
The following picture shows another detail of the taped slot from the other side (the side which comes in contact with the film).

It is important to narrow the opening of the film slot only the amount required to cover the clear edge. Don't narrow it too much, otherwise you end up cropping the frame.

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  1. Can you make these images larger? i'm having trouble seeing what's going on here. Thanks!