June 22, 2011

My successful LRPS panel

This is the panel of ten photographs I submitted to the Royal Photographic Society for the Licentiateship Distinction. The assessment was held on June 10th 2011, in Bath, and I am happy to say it has been successful !

All photographs have been shot on film and hand printed on fiber-based paper. Visit my LRPS gallery to view the images or read below for a short description.

I shot this photograph when I lived in Pisa as a student. I remember I woke up on a misty morning and decided it was the right moment to go to the nearby viale delle Piagge to take some pictures in the mist. Definitely a good way to start the day before going to lessons.

This photograph was taken in Chia, a seaside location in the south of Sardinia, famous for its sandy beaches and sand dunes. In high season is assaulted by crowds, but in the rest of the year it's a great place for landscape photography, especially if the sky is cloudy.

Fog is very unlikely in Cagliari, the town where I currently live. I went to this small marina with my camera on a foggy morning, but when I arrived the fog was gone. However, there was an interesting light, so I quickly set up my tripod and took this shot.

I entered the world of medium format a few years ago, after buying a second-hand TLR on ebay. This is one of my first medium format shots, taken in Chia on a day when shadows and clouds were particularly interesting.

I took this photograph in May 2001, during a two-day trekking in Supramonte, a limestone plateau in the heart of Sardinia. We hiked out to "Su Sercone", a steep sinkhole sheltered from the wind, which has allowed a microclimate to form, and where oaks, junipers and yews have thrived.

This photograph of a salt pond was shot nearby Quartu, in Sardinia, where I went on a Sunday morning for experimenting some long exposures. I liked the juxtaposition of contrasting elements: the chaotic movement of the clouds and the regular symmetry of the poles in the water.

This is a long exposure taken in Chia, two years ago. These remains of a pier, that once was used for coal loading operations, are progressively disappearing. I want to go back there to take more pictures in different light conditions.

I took this photograph last autumn nearby Abetone, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. I was literally numb from my nose down to my feet after staying in the woods for a few hours, but the location was great.

This is another long exposure taken in Chia on a winter day. Photographs like this may take ten minutes, or even more, so I get the chance for a walk up and down along the beach.

These are the remains of a ruined sawmill I discovered nearby Abetone.

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